Patatap-style front-end app featuring PaperJS animations. Press any key on the keyboard to create a shape and play a sound.


MERN app with a user database, news scraper, and Nasa Photo API. Mongo database and SPA-style rendering using React Router

New York Times Article Scraper - React

MERN app that allows you to search for articles through the New York Times API. Persistent data through Mongo and snappy interface using React.

Recipe Finder

This is a full-stack project that uses Materialize and JQuery on the frontend, a Node server with Express and Handlebars, and a MySQL database.

Chicago Cubs Hangman

Simple hangman game featuring players from the Chicago Cubs.

Lord of the Rings Trivia

Lord of the Rings Trivia game.

Star Wars RPG

Simple point and click RPG game with Star Wars characters.

Hacker News Scraper

MongoDB-based full stack app. Pulls news stories from Hacker News and supports user comments and data persistence.

Burger Stand

MySQL data storage and retrieval using Sequelize.

Apocalypse Friend Finder

Full-stack Node app - answer a survey and find friends who can help you survive a Zombie apocalypse.


GifFinder showcases the Giphy API.


Front End Back End
HTML 5 Java
Javascript MongoDB
React MySQL

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